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Bulk Item Week - April 20-24 

  • Bulk item must be set out curbside or alley edge on your collection day by 5:00am. If you are backdoor service, please arrange to have your bulk item brought to the curb or alley edge, otherwise it will not be collected. 
  • We will only be in each neighborhood once on your regular service day.
  • A separate vehicle will collect the bulk item the same day.
  • Non-acceptable items include:  Branches, brush, batteries, liquids, paints, fluorescent bulbs, electronics & appliances of any kind, tires, motor oil, hazardous waste, or construction debris.
  • In case of a miss pick of your item due to driver error, you must call the office no later than 4:00pm the following business day for pick-up arrangements.
  • If you have multiple items at the curb for bulk item week, the driver will select only one (1) item to pick up and will leave the rest.
  • Bulk item pick-up is limited to residential cart service customers only.
  • Limited to one (1) bulk item at no charge.  Additional items will not be collected during this week.  Call the office to arrange pick-up and pre-payment for additional items at a later date.


Yard Waste Week - May 4-8 
Memorial Day - May 25 (Delayed Routes)
More information will be posted closer to these dates.

Hours: M - F 8:30 AM-4:30 PM
3010 Mondovi Rd, Eau Claire, WI 54701

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